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Posted by Cinnabarr on July 28, 2011 at 1:29 AM


Language does have the power to change reality.
Therefore, treat your words as the mighty instruments they are
to heal, to bring into being, to remove, to bless, to forgive
 to create from the whole cloth of your soul,
true magic!

~Moheli 2011~

My sister Moheli goes into hospital next week for surgery.
It is not the first time and we hope it will be the last.
Why? Because this is her ongoing battle with breast cancer.

She received the results from her medical check up that
no woman wants to hear.

Something unknown... something peculiar.
Something that needs to be removed. Just in case.

She faces it with... what I suspect all us would do.
With apprehension... dread... and yes fear.

Because this is real life... not a movie... not some fantasy of
strength and fortitude.

Not when a woman has children that can all too easily be left motherless.

Not when a woman has already faced breast surgery.
Already endured chemotherapy... radiation.
All the trials this sisterhood of women that have fought this disease... can only all too well understand.

Not when... well all the myriad of reasons that makes us human and not unrealistic expectations of what we should be.

Another dear sister of ours and a breast cancer survivor...Reine... has recently been bereaved of her cousin... who lost her fight against this same disease.

Too young... to be gone from the arms and love of her family.

Moheli and I also have a younger cousin who is fighting the same gruelling battle from breast cancer.

There is also myself... incredibly lucky to have caught the signs early.

So many women... so many connections... potentially so much friendship... love and support.

In the virtual world of face book, which is in itself relatively new to me...I have heard and read many things over previous weeks.
Some of it heart affirming and wonderful... and sadly some disrespectful...hurtful and even nasty.

Much of it surprising and sadly what I would have expected to have been left in the sandpit from the days of kindergarten. LOL. LOL.

Of course none of us are perfect... how can we be?

We are human and fortunate to have the ability to engage in this life with all our emotions... all our sensual selves. Sometimes I think we run away with ourselves, perhaps with our sense of outrage... with our own sense of being belittled... criticised and taken for granted.

I say we... because honestly ...I also react and I also indulge in the above at times.

Amongst many things... I am a witch... I am both light and dark.
The tempering influence is balance and it can be a lifelong task.

There is a topic or a statement that has occurred frequently of late... one where a person states they walk their own path and need to be true to themselves.

I often thought when I have read those words that I understood what was meant by it.

However lately I have found myself perplexed and wondering wildly at the actions that have followed such announcements... as if they were truly accountable to no one but themselves.

I wonder how lonely it ends up becoming... on your own path?

Where you are so busy being true to yourself that you have no tolerance or appreciation for anyone else’s visions and dreams.

It pays sometimes to turn around and gaze behind you... what lies in your wake? Is it a trampled field of torn friendships... relationships... conflict...or sadness?

When that happens... as it has indeed in the past happened to me and I dare say most of us at one time or another...

What do we do about it?

What we actually DO then at those times in our lives... is ultimately what forms us... what shapes us to become what we are meant to be.

The reality is that we are accountable.

Expectations do lay upon us... from our Dieties ...our loved ones... family... friends... coven sisters and brothers... pets... employers... workmates... etc.

How terrible would it be after all?
To be in this... this incredible journey of life... completely alone.

I walk a crooked path... one that has taken me to places I would never have imagined in my wildest dreams... one that has been both blessing and bane.

In truth for much of it... I have never been alone, even if I did not have the eyes to see just who or what was keeping me company...
at the time.

I am beholden to my folk... my kin... including those that have gone before and those yet to come and not all of them are of
the human kind.

The feeling is belonging.
Once you have that... once you have experienced how incredibly powerful and beautiful it is... then that path... the one that seemed to be so essential to preserving yourself... your own point of view... becomes far less important.


Breath deep this day
of the morning sweetness
and the night time peace
and see with your whole heart
the people around you
not only those that love you
be the kindness you wish to receive...

I love you my sister Moheli ... my dearest friend.


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